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    Smile How to bridge 3 ether's?

    Hi guys, first I'm a big Linux noob but I have done some reading and research and have found not much concerning my problem. I realy hope you guy's can help me.

    Well, I have a Linux opensource Suse10.3 installed on a entry level P4, Webmin-1.410, Squid3.0.STABLE4 and build only for transparent caching purposes. It is setup with 1 router and 1 local win vista pc and working great --(except for cachemrg.cgi that's missing?!?)

    Anyway, the br0 I have with port='eth0 eth1' is working great and setup according these instructions:

    1. At the console login as root.
    o This step will disconnect the server enough to stop a remote session, so this has to be done at the server.
    2. Install Brigde-Utils first:
    o yast -i bridge-utils
     You may be asked for the install media.
    3. Go to the network folder:
    o cd /etc/sysconfig/network
     Note that interface set-up information is in configuration files that are preceded by 'ifcfg-<interface name>' and will be auto loaded based on that naming standard.
    4. Backup the network configuration by making a folder and copying the contents there:
    o mkdir ../network.old
    o cp -Rv * ../network.old
    5. Remove the existing configuration:
    o rm ifcfg-*
     This will not kill the network connection till the service is reloaded and the configuration files are re-read
    6. Create a new configuration file as such:
    o touch ifcfg-br0
     This creates a blank file of given name.
    o gedit ifcfg-br0
     At a terminal session from inside Gnome (the desktop) this starts the text editor. Create a file that looks like this:

    BRIDGE_PORTS='eth0 eth1'
    7. Restart networking:
    o /etc/init.d/network restart
     If there were no typos in the file, things should be up and running and the address above can be reached across the LAN.
    Now, my problem is that I have two Routers, 1 Cisco and 1 Billion routers with their own set of static ip's provided by the isp's. Here is a small pic I drew up showing a bit more detail:

    How do I setup a bridge between 3 network interfaces, or is there maybe a other solution.
    Thanks in advance!

    ps: the more I play with Linux, the more I like it.
    Keep up the good work guy's, cheers.

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    not sure if this will help but may be you could try this forum

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