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Thread: Thinkpad T21

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    Thinkpad T21

    Hi guys,

    i am having a lot of problems with this thinkpad t21 notepad. i have linux Suse installed on it, and i've gone through forums telling me to delete the partitions (since i want to remove linux) so i did and now suse just fails to even complete its boot. Everytime i try to boot using a cd (ubuntu) it just takes me straight to the linux suse start page. i have no idea how to format the hard drive either.

    Can anyone please help me?

    thank you.

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    Get yourself a live cd like gparted and use it to format and or delete the suse partition . I'm not sure wat you trying to do with the ubuntu disk . More information here would be necessary

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    by formatting suse partition you only delete Suse Linux and other your personal files. But on the Master Boot Record part there is still Grub or LiLo exist. So you can't boot your computer normally. You have to clean your MBR also.

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    thanks for the quick response..

    a relative has given me this laptop since its not being used, and linux Suse seems to be installed on it. Note: this is the first time i have ever dealt with linux, but i know a thing or two about it.

    Here's what i wanted to do, i wanted to remove linux Suse, and install linux Ubuntu since ubuntu has more features, and to be honest i think suse it rubbish because i have not idea how to use it.

    right now i have no idea what to do and its again just gathering dust now. i cannot even boot suse anymore it just says something like failed to boot kernal or something i cannot remember.

    the reason for why i want ubuntu is because it is the newest version of linux (i presume) and a friend of mine said it was very good. i have burned ubuntu setup onto a disc, but i cannot get the laptop to do run it and i have now idea how to do it anymore since i cannot even get into the computer using linux Suse.

    Please help,
    thank you.

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    All you should need to do is boot from the CD. I'm assuming that the CD was burned correctly ie as a ISO image and you did not simply copy the ISO file to the CD. This is important since cd must contain the ISO not the iso as a file.

    Also the computer must be set to boot from the CD. This is done by going into the BIOS and setting the boot options, if they are not set correctly.

    the Ubuntu install will overwrite the current grub boot code.

    Be sure you point the installer to the partitions you want to use or create.

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    ok basically, when the system starts up, i get an F1 option (bios) and an F12 option (boot options)....i press f12 and i get boot from cd drive, removable drive, hard drive etc...i put the disc into the drive, and hit enter on the cd drive option..which then takes me to linux Suse startup page where i have to click either linux2610 or linux or some boot to do with failsafe...but since i have deleted the partitions, if i hit enter on linux or linux2610, i cannot load it because it just can't get files or something, it says something about the kernal.

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    here's the problem when trying to boot linux suse - kernal panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:03

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    i think you made a mistake about orders.
    1)Put CD into cdrom
    2)Boot computer
    3)Press F1 and open BIOS after that change the boot options, your optical device must be the first boot device

    after all ubuntu linux must boot, if ubuntu still does not boot, make sure that you have burn ISO correctly.

    And on the other hand, when you try to boot suse it returns you with a "Kernel Panic Error" it is so normal. Because you have formatted the SuSe's partition and there is no kernel exist on your hard drive.

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    o right, well i've burnt the ubuntu iso onto a cd, can i just check that when i burnt it, it unpacks all the files onto the cd, and when i put the disc into this computer it loads perfectly, like it autoruns prompting me if i want to install the demo/full install etc.

    the cd is a packard bell CD-Recordable 80 minute 700mb.

    so i think i have burned it correctly, and i've set the laptop to run the CD drive first, yet it still takes me to the linux suse page?

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    ok it just keeps taking me to the suse page, im currently at the f12 option (boot menu) and the 1st one on the list is ATAPI CD-ROM Drive, which is obviously the cd drive, i hit enter and it takes me to the suse page.

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