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    HEelp with suse 9.1

    Whenever suse boots up and it reaches the screen where i enter username and passwd, i get a white screen and all i can see is the mouse cursor. I assumed that login screen was still there even though all i saw was a white screen. i carefully type in my login info. keep in mind i cant see what i am typing because the screen is white. then it takes forever to load KDE like 10mins. when it does Suse is moving extremely slow and my Hardrive light stays on like as if a process is taking up all the resources.

    PLZ HELP i dont want to spend 2 hrs installin it again then installin all my programs

    THe only thing i remember doing is changing the X,Y geometry of the monitor.

    All my desktop icons are over each other. they are on the same spot

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    whilst your system is running really slow after you start x, switch to a virtual ocnsol (CTRL + ALT +F4) and login as root. Now type

    ps aux
    this will list all the running apliications and the system resouces used by each.. I have a nasty feeling that "X" will be useing 99% CPU time.. if this is the case then please reply including your entire /etc/X11/XF86Config and /etc/X11/xitnit/xinitrc files. please also include _detaild_ information on any errors in /var/log/ for xfree.

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