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    triple boot problems

    Ok, i guess i did something pretty stupid...i had a working dual boot xp and suse 9.1 personal...for some reason, i decided today that i wanted to try out i went ahead with the here's what the set up is...i had a partition for windows, and a swap and /root partition for suse 9.1 already...i then created another swap and /root partition for mandrake...installation went fine...then it go to the install bootloader...there were three options...i chose install in MBR (master boot record)...the other two were root partition or skip install...anyways, instllation finished, and then reboot, and lilo loads up...there are 6 different choices...1. linux-smp 2. linux 3. linux-nbfs (or something weird like that) 4. 2.6.7 (it was a number similar to this) 5. failsafe 6. windows....i choose number 1...and then it goes through the normal things of activating stuff...but it never goes into a login screen...i just get a blank screen...i go through all the other choices (except for failsafe and windows) and it's the same thing...i just get a blank screen after everything loads up...

    so i have two can i boot up suse 9.1 (cause options 1-4 were all mandrake) and how come mandrake doesn't boot up correctly?

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    you say failsafe works? will once it finishes booting, login, type startx. then once X has started go to System -> Configuration -> Configure My Computer -> Boot -> Bootloader. Then configure LILO and add SuSE as an option!

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