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    Signal out range message when I boot into Suse Linux 10.3

    I have just installed Suse Linux 10.3 on my pc. However, I am getting a serious error message. The message "Signal Frequency out of range" actually bounces from side to side on my monitor.

    My pc specs are:

    CPU: Intel Pentium D
    OS: Suse Linux 10.3 and Windows XP
    Graphics Card: Intel 945G
    Monitor: Gateway FPD1760 LCD Color Monitor

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    When you say you have "installed" SuSE on your PC, what does that mean exactly? Have you been through the entire setup process, including package selection and installation? How did you start this process?

    When you boot the PC since this installation, what is the first graphic screen you see?

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    I setup Suse Linux 10.3 on my HD using a DVD rom which I burned after downloading an iso file from the website.

    I have been through the entire setup process. I first started this process by inserting a dvdr-rom which i burned an iso image file to.

    Since the installation, whenever I boot my pc, grub loads and i have a choice of 2 different operating systems (suse linux 10.3 and windows xp) to log into.

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    Out of range error messages are usually related to having incorrect horizontal sync and/or vertical refresh rates specified. Check for the proper rates in your monitor manual and adjust them accordingly.

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    Thanks Oz. I just ran the program fastsum on the image file that I burned onto that DVD and the result was inconsistent with the net sum posted on the suse linux website. The image file is very large (about 4.1gb). I guess there may be some errors in the file after downloading.

    I tried setting the horizontal sync and vertical refresh rates but the monitor automatically resets them upon logging into Linux.

    I am downloading the file again. Hopefully, this time around, everything will work smoothly.


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