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    linux login: what to type here?

    Hi all; (thank you for this forum).

    I'm new to linux. windoze user now, former mac user.

    I'm trying to boot from the kde opensuse cd I just made.

    I am prompted with this:
    linux login:_

    What do I type here to get the os to finish loading so I can test drive this distro please?

    Thanks for any help.


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    The official release of openSUSE does not request a user ID. You should probably download again from the proper source (Download - openSUSE) and try again

    I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delovelady View Post
    The official release of openSUSE does not request a user ID. You should probably download again from the proper source (Download - openSUSE) and try again

    I hope this helps.
    Hi delovelady;

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I downloaded the iso file from here:

    I clicked on "Get It" which took me here:

    That's where I could choose from:
    "Live CD GNOME (664 MB)" or
    "Live CD KDE 4 (644 MB)"

    I clicked the kde one, got the iso file, and made the live cd.

    The link you just gave me takes me to a different page, and I'm going to try downloading from there, and make a new copy.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    k, I'm back.

    The iso file I'm about to download is the same identical file I downloaded before, and is coming from the same location here:

    So, apparently I have the right file ?
    But I'm still getting that "linux login" prompt prior to fully loading.

    Any ideas anyone?

    This is a 'live cd' and I should be able to see the desktop and so on directly from the cd, yes ?

    Thanks again for any further help.


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    OK. So you downloaded the file, you burned the .ISO, and then ... what's next? Booted the system from the CD? If so, the next thing you should have seen (after Welcome in a bunch of languages) is a menu like this:
    Boot from Hard Disk
    Installation--ACPI Disabled
    Installation--Local APIC Disabled
    Installation--Safe Settings
    Rescue System

    If you see something else, either the procedure you're using is one with which I'm unfamiliar, or the image is bad.

    (It's unlikely that the image is bad - bad images don't normally operate incorrectly... instead they don't operate at all.)

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    An update on all of this.

    I booted up the older box I have here, and the live cd booted up to the desktop.
    Bad news. I have more ram in the old box than the new one, and even that one isn't going to have enough to run this distro by the looks of things.

    I was hoping I could get by with less than reccommended, but not going to.

    As for the oddity of the newer box giving me that login thing, this is not new to me.
    I've now tried to boot a total of 4 live linux distros on this box, two work, two do not.
    opensuse gives me that login thing, puppy doesn't load a keyboard to let me get past the screen to choose my keyboard layout.

    Both those distros load up fine on the older box.

    The newer box loads up ubuntu and damnsmalllinux ok, but not puppy nor opensuse.
    The older box loads up all four, ubuntu, opensuse, puppy, and dsl.

    Maybe it's the ram. There are only 120 megs available in this box, and although I've got win xp running well on it, I don't appear to have enough ram to use most linux distros I think.

    I have 192 megs in the older box, but it's only a pentium II at 350 mhz.
    This one is pentium III at 1.1 ghz, but only 128 megs ram, and 8 megs of that goes to shared onboard video, so I'm pretty pressed for resources here.

    My current thinking, is that I'm best off to settle in on dsl. It's lightning fast compared to the other 'light' distros I've sought out, and it boots up on both of my boxes here, giving me a little room to maneuver in my decision making as I go through the learning curve.

    I won't pretend that as a windose user these past number of years, that opensuse didn't look attractive to me, with the screenshots of 'my computer' on the desktop, but I don't think there is any way I can use it, so I'll have to go with dsl I think.

    Many thanks for all the help so far. Will try and do my homework before pestering you all here too much, learning a new os is, umm, chalenging here, but I'm bent on it.

    Many thanks.

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    You could take a look at Slitaz Linux while you are at it. NimbleX might be a viable option also.

    SliTaz - Downloads

    NimbleX - The New Wave of Linux ! - NimbleX 2008 Beta

    Damn Small Linux also works good with your specs. I just figured you might like some more options.
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