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    Unhappy No Internet with Suse


    I have asked this unsuccessful before.

    On my notebook, I have installed both XP and Suse.
    I live in Germany and in Japan.
    In Germany both work, in Japan only XP works and connects, the Suse cannot connect to the internet.
    Nothing on the computer is changed. When I am back in Germany Suse works and connects without a question, when I get back to Japan it will not connect...

    Does anyone have a new any idea on how to fix this?

    I would prefer to use Linux, but.....

    Thanks, Upageya

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    Definatly you are not getting correct answer, becuase you need to more clear on problem technically.

    What kind of connections you are using at both places?
    Have you done any initial setup for it on XP and SuSe?
    Is it Wired/Wireless, and What technology to connect its direct connection or dail up or anthing else?
    Like this,
    Be more descriptive.

    Hope we can solve your problem soon

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    I am using DSL in Germany, in Japan I am using a Hikari line.
    It is configured here and in Europe.

    But I am sorry, you do not seem to understand the problem.....

    "Both, XP and Suse work perfectly normal on this notebook in Germany. Here, I plug in my Hikari cable and XP again works normal, Suse can not connect to the internet. "

    That is precisly the problem!
    I was back again in Germany in September and again both XP and Suse connected there without a problem!!!
    Now again I am back in Japan, and, XP still connects and Suse again does not.....

    As XP works perfectly normal, nothing can be wrong in that configuration. As Suse does not work here, the config must be somwhow wrong. But as that same config works perfectly normal in Europe, the configuration of Suse here in Japan must be different....

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