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    kk, will do rok,,,and happy thanksgiving to you too,,,have to do all this tommorrow tho its almost 1am here and my eyes are tired from reading,,,lol. From your previous post I read some got the live version to work with the onboard, I was reluctent only due to the fact that my wife plays games when im not on and also due to this thing being so picky about weather it will work with the card when its turned off, little alone taking it out again,,had to do the off and on thing many times to get the dell to see there was a card there, but as you have stated I can load the drivers later so tommorrow I have another project to attempet! as always thanks for the info!

    as to the other post trying to get as much information in all aspects of Linux to learn, kind of a quick crash course. Did discover that I come from a time and am extremley confortable with CLI's, and 4 days ago I didnt even now what cli stood for,,,,lol

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    1 No Salvation Army, Goodwill, church group, garage sale, New England Town Dump, monthly Big Trash day, swap market, internet, gamer, cyber café, hospitol, school or college that has and old pci graphics card, and maybe a RAM stick or two, collecting dust , either on their own or in some old computer tower that won't boot and nobody can use anyway? I only ask. I was born to yankee thrift.
    2 Did you open it up and change the card yourself, and did you see if the cooler on the processor was free of cloging dust?

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    Just wondering if this has been solved. Like Lawrence, I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that won't start OpenSuse 11 or 11.1. I have successfully installed other distros on it, including, currently, Linux Mint 6 (Felicia) - totally straightforward install. Simply Mepis and PCLinusOS also both install and run just fine. Even Suse SLED installs. Only OpenSuse does not. I have an nVidia 6200 (GeForce 4000) installed with dual monitors. Mint and Mepis support the monitors without problems. The reason I'm curious about OpenSuse is that I want to run a distro with a large developer base. Mepis, Mint, and pclos are wonderful, but they all pretty much have a single developer. I'll be switching mostly to Linux full-time before long and want to be assured of a distro that will continue to evolve without fits and starts. That said, I really, really like Mint, Mepis, and PCLOS.

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