different PCI video cards, no 3D accel on #1, and the other can't now be accessed via Yast. I need to reconfigure Card #2, as the refresh rate is too high/resolution wrong and it's not displaying. its a radeon 9260, if that helps. Both monitors are 1280x1024, but card #1 is only 16 bit colour and 800x600 default capacity, I can push it up to 1280x1024, but still at only 16 bits. That is adequate for my purposes tho'. Card #1 is in slot 4-its an old S3 card, card #2 is in slot 1. Until I sent card #2 out of range, it was working as card #1, and I had access to both. Please advise cure, even if just remove S3 card & default reconfig. I can reload system as needed.