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    back up file system changes after installing a new software


    If I'm starting from a fresh SUSE installation, is it possible to automatically scan the filesystyem after installing a new software and save only the affected files and folders?

    Is is possible to copy the above following files to a fresh SUSE installation on the same hardware and have the same behaviour as if installing the software.


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    I do a full backup with tar as described in the link below. It will not scan for changed files but you will have a full backup image of you're filesystem that is simple to do and fast unless your filesystem is is very large or you have limited drive space.

    Complete Backup and Restore Using “tar” Command |

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    You could try searching here for something to match your requirements.
    Copying files over from one system to another is probably not a good idea rather than installing. I can see it causing problems unless hardware and users are identical for the systems ... will AutoYAST do what you need?

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    Using rsync and incremental backups can probably do at least some of what you're looking for

    There's Yast's own System Backup tool which I believe can also do things like incremental and automatic backups etc

    You'll also find a few other backup tools if you just search the word 'backup' in yast's package manager, one I've found pretty useful is kbackup

    If you what you're looking to do is not having to reconfigure packages after reinstalling them for any reason then rpmrebuild might be worth a look, there's a sourceforge page on it if you want more info and you can install it through yast

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