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    SUSE 10.3 Newb w/ Asus F7kr-X1 Notebook

    So I've come to realize, the justly ironic way, that my laptop was cheap because it was basically a concept book for more laptops planned to come out right after. But still, kudos to SUSE, everything is working just fine on this baby. Except for one thing. That's right, the audio,

    SUSE picks up the audio 'card' (more like chip set soldered into the larger chipset of the motherboard), and has nothing much to say. Give me three install options, following the usual SUSE audio problems page I googled up, and all three of them work fine, according to the program. I still can't successfully test from the volume or sound control apps, nor from the command line. SImilarly, I am having no luck connecting to the fine people at #alsa. So I'm stuck. Anybody got enough tech-know how with the combination of SUSE and my particular notebook variety to help me get my music back? Help would be appreciated.

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    Did you run alsaconf as root???

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    Ran into 'no such file or directory'. Tried out this:

    wget -O && bash

    This is what it gave me:

    Thoughts? And thanks.

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    You need to log on or su to root.

    at terminal or Konsole type

    then your root password note this does not echo to the screen.

    then type

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    Looked like that was going to work at first, but a speaker test later, and I got nothing in my console but 'error: could not find device' lines.

    That's the new report. I'm going to go mess around with the Yask and other system components, as well as alsaconf, and see if I can't get this thing to come up.

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    Screwed around with some stuff and installed some more ALSA packages from disk and net, still nothing. Will continue messing around, but in the mean-time I've struck upon the idea of using USB speakers as a workaround until such a time as I have the main-sound working. Anyone know any particular model or brand that SUSE will support easily?

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