Installed succesfully Booting as a logical partition running on a Pentium 4 Medion system through XOSL (after a fight with GRUB).

However this is my first go at Linux, and rather disappointed to find that although it connects to the internet via my DSL G604T router, and can navigate internet without problems, it didn't detect my network (the same computer boots in to Windows XP Professional and XP Home via the same hard drive and same router and connects with no problems).

So I look for help. The help link openSUSE: KDE4 ?? is not available from the default browser Konqueror ("Connection to Server Refused") but works fine via Firefox, which is also a little confusing.

Anyway all the info I can find is that openSUSE 11.1 magically connects to an existing workgroup.... only it doesn't. All attempts to add a Network folder have failed, and Samba just says it can't find a workgroup. The only firewall is that between the internet and the router (ie the default for the router).

So a bit disappointing, as a new user. I know a little bit about computers as I started programming in 1969, but of course Linux is for experts (supposed to be a joke).

Happy New Year