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    Dual Booting and anothor problem

    I have a Microsoft PC XP , myn is custom built , is it possible to dual boot linux with XP ,

    I mean that have XP on one HDD and Linux on anthor HDD?

    And also my Old IBM , bought in 2000 , could I use linux on that?

    This PC is old

    8gb HDD
    315MB SD ram
    Windows 98SE
    CD Drive
    500mhz Celeron Processor

    I heard linux is good , but that good to run on the above?

    Sorry I am a newbie ! Oh and I also plan on using opensuse.

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    Yes it's possibble. You can install both on one hard disk as well.
    Any distro with XFCE DE should run fine. When you gain sufficient experience, you can install a windows manager like fluxbox.

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    me thinks it would be better to have all the operating systems on one disk

    for your older pc you can try vector linux or zenwalk or dsl there lots more distros you could use

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    I've run dual boot with SuSE and WinXP since version 9.2 in either the same hard drive or separate hard drive setups. I haven't noticed any speed difference between the two setups and prefer to have each OS on it's own drive. openSUSE will recognize the second hard drive as being empty and install to that drive and set up GRUB on the MBR of the WinXP drive.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check the link in my signature for lots of good information on getting started with Linux.

    Check this poll for favorite distro for older computer hardware. OpenSUSE is considered one of the heavier distros, but it might work.

    Have fun with Linux.

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