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    really, ok I didnt think it was that dated!!

    sugar! will updating be hassle free? what is the best to update to?

    and how will i do it?


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    well rather do a clean install try opensuse 10.3 11 or 11.1 things will be a lot easier

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    Actually I came from, SLED 10 - SP2 10.2, That's where I learned msot things, Then moved to open. If you know what your doing its "Killer" !

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    so ehm im getting mixed messages here...

    i suppose i might just go for opensuse 11.1...

    good move?

    starting from my sled 10 how do i do this?

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    DEL partition (for Linux ALL Linux)

    Then, Just restart the CD, But DO NON0Automatic Install, I like that better I'm sure you will too.

    Make sure to use Reiser NOT ext3, I find Its way slower then Reiser.

    Then THE MOST IMPORTANT in my n00bie learnings is, SET a Direct I/O for you CPU, By DEF 11.1 doesnt have any configuired.

    Its in Yast/ Kernel settings etc.....

    Schedular is as follows:

    AS = One/Uno HD=1 Hard Drive basic SATA.

    CFQ = For MultiUser Servers, Its for If you would serve MASS people on your Network etc...

    Deadline = it's for SCSI and very Precise things, Im not too sure what it does actually BUT I read on the web that if you have SCSI set it too this. So I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolloy View Post
    To go to runlevel 5 automatically, edit /etc/inittab, and look for a line like the following,
    Change the 3 to a 5 and reboot.

    eh this isint working, i type the first part as a command yeah??

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    its getting really annoying running innit 5 from start up every time, so im just gonna bail out on sled 10

    clearly its too old,

    so now, id really appreciate it if someone could describe to me how to change to opensuse 11.1

    keeping in mind that im a toatal retard when it comes to this, id appreciate detail!

    now sled came pre installed on my lapto and i dont have a disk drive!

    any help would be great cheers!!!

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    eh this isint working, i type the first part as a command yeah??

    It's a text file in the directory /etc. Use your terminal/konsole, log in as root (su or su -), enter your password, type "kwrite /etc/inittab" without the quotes. This will open the inittab file in a text editor. Look for the line indicated above, usually the first uncommented line (w/o hash # mark). Change the number, try again.

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    A big thank you to smolloy and yancek, as i got my init 5 to run automatically!


    however, now when i go to shutdown there is no option to sleep or hibernate anymore! whats all that about?

    can anyone help?

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    If I remember, sled only lets root shutdown or restart. You have to do this from the login screen when you logout.
    Sled doesn't upgrade easily since it's the Enerprise version of opensuse and adding software repositories like you do in opensuse doesn't work too well. (I tried and got all kinds of errors.) Also, most of the apps it uses are old versions - eg firefox - and to update it to version 3 means manually installing the required libraries, something you don't want to do until you know a bit more about linux. Remember sled was designed for a stable version to run office type apps and basic office pc functions and not an easily configurable home system.
    It's best to download 10.3 or 11 and do a fresh install. If you use a separate /home partition, you won't lose your personal data when you upgrade or change distro. Doing this means that if you mess something up, you can always re-install and not lose your personal data.
    I prefer 11.0 to 11.1, so I use 11.0.

    Good luck and be prepared for a lot of reading - it's worth it because you feel a sense of achievement when you get something working.

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