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    hey thaanks man!

    ive had enough of sled and so im gonna go for 11.1

    do i just download it on top of sled or do i have to clear sled first?


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    Before starting, do the following:
    Either go to yast and check on how it has set up your partitions in the system tools partitioner or type: df at a console window.
    If you have a separate /home partition all is fine.
    If not, back up the /home folder to cd or dvd.
    You can now do one of the following:
    1. download the live cd (I would choose the gnome version, since you have got used to it) and then choose to install it. It then downloads its extras from the repository.
    2. download the network boot iso. The network boot cd does the same, but isn't live and gives more choice of what to download.
    3. If you have the time, download the install dvd and install locally.

    If you are more used to windows, I would try adding kde3.5 and trying it. If you disable the autologin (in the security settings I think) you can choose which you want when you login.

    Let suse choose the installation partitions, but make sure you have a separate /home partiotion.
    After install, copy you files from the backup and you should have everything back. The important hidden files to copy are: .mozilla and whatever hidden email client you use.
    Leave the other hidden files and just copy you backup folders and folders.
    Local install is about 30 min or so.

    After the install add the community repos you want. packman is the most useful.
    Look/search the opensuse forum for enabling dvd support for all the codecs, etc.

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    video playing on SLED 10

    When I had SLED 10 I also had the same problem of playing back of CD/DVD.
    Following advice from oldcpu of suseforum I added and in yast---->software---->software repositories and then installed smplayer & mplayer via 'install softwares'. yast solved all dependency problems and I could view all vcd/dvd.

    I would agree that working in SLED was really a pain in the neck. First, for installing any software I had to change the 5 installation cds ever so often and initializing with zen network (I hope I have got the name correctly) was a botheration. Now with my opensuse-10.3 installed via a single cd all those headaches are gone. I presume that opensuse-11 series is even better.
    Best of luck.

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