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    Problems accessing YAST

    Hi I am a newbie, I use SuSe 11.0. I was recently installing GTK+ on course of doing that i guess i have messed up something. I am now unable to access Yast and i dont even know how to restore system to previous date. I have attached a snap of the error. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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    I'm guessing you installed GTK+ by hand. So you must have missed something. The easiest way to correct this would be to run the install disk and select repair. This will bring you back to the default installation. Or you might try running Yast from the command line since this should not require GTK+. Then use it to install the proper version.

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    Can you access yast in a terminal window?

    $ su

    # zast

    The text interface shouln't care if GTK is messed up. You might be able to do your repairs/reinstalls from there.


    The text command in SuSE to ensure that yast does not try to load up in X is zast with a z

    Try it, it's there.
    Further explanation:
    "yast" and "zast" are symlinks to "yast2" which is a shell script which determines the gui to use berfore launching the program. In an actual text environment, it shouldn't matter anyway, since "ncurses" is the fallback, but in an xterm window, yast may detect X is running and attempt to launch interfaces in the order of qt, GTK, then finally ncurses (text). Using "zast" skips that check and launches yast in text mode directly.
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    Thanx I ll try these and let u know if I could make it work.

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