Hi all,

I've got my openSuSe 11.0 Xen kernel running. I've installed in a Domain U a SLES 10 and alreday from the very first moment the display screen size of the virtual host.The kind of virtual diplay is VNC. Now it is very unpractical to put up with this tiny virtual display screen size.

I've tried to change this by altering the /etc/X11/xorg.conf both manually and YAST2 on the SLES 10 virtual system but the screen keeps its original size and the letters and icons are smaller and ilegilble so the stuation is even worse. Even in console mode diaply the subscreen keeps its origibnal dimension.

I guess that the solution has to be quite easy and I have to simply change a parameter in my openSuSE hosting system (domO). The question is where the heck ? . I've searched in /etc/xen configuration files for a parameter related to but had no luck.

Does anybody has faced this problem ?.