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    Just recieved laptop.. got error 17 (Help plz)

    Just got it today was real excited.. I dont know anything about Linux or anything..

    Anyway I switched it on all seemed to be normal and then it asked me to chose 1 of 2 options. ( Can't remember what they were) I chose the first option...

    Anyway the PC froze and I had to reset... when I reset It game me an error:

    GRUB Loading stage1.5.

    GRUB loading, please wait...
    Error 17

    Thats it.. I am clueless and dont have a clue of what to do... Complete n00b to Linux..

    P.S. The laptop is a HP 2133.. It is a netbook so it doesnt have a CD drive or anything!

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    I assume since you are posting on a Linux forum, that you have the Suse Linux OS on this computer? It would be helpful if you had noted the errors. The message you are getting in regard to Grub loading stage1.5, error 17, is that the Grub bootloader is unable to mount the partition. Have you been able to boot up at all? Do you have any other Operating System on the computer?

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    Yes it is that version of Linux... Really frustrating ahhh..

    Not been able to boot up and get to the desktop at all... And no other OS is installed..

    Grr.. I'm planning to install Win XP on it through an SD card?? What do you think??

    Do you have any other suggestions?

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    If this is a new computer ( I assume it is) I'd return it since it may be a defective drive.

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    But it did innitially boot up and was about to get to the desktop screen... but it froze and I encountered this problem..

    I'm going to try and install from an sd card? Could you help me out.

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    It still could be a defective drive. Just because it booted the first time does not mean the drive is not defective. And since it failed to get to a desktop I'd say there was at last something wrong from the original disk image. In any case this is a problem from manufacturer and should be covered by warranty.

    SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

    may help but it assumes that you have a running Linux installation to create the bootable USB device.

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