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    My problem is bigger than that. During the boot process, it asks for the hard disk user password. What I remembered it to be does not work. I cannot get past this point to do anthing.

    Will I have to replace the hard drive? Where would I get one. HP has the warranty, but they say this is not a warranty item, just stupidity on my part.

    Some places I checked today would "take at look at it for $125 per hour"

    The whole unit only cost $299.

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    You put a password on your BIOS???

    To fix that you would need to open the case and reset the BIOS. Exact instruction would be need for the particular motherboard.

    Or did you encrypt the hard drive??
    If so then you would need to wipe the hard drive and repartition and reinstall.

    It should not require a new hard drive.

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    If there is nothing of importance on the computer, I would reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. If you can get a newer version of Linux, that would be best.
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