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    Red face [SOLVED] GUI dosent appear..

    i have insatalled suse 10.1 on my pc last 2008
    until next year something happen to to it,, the gui of the said suse10.1 dosent appear any more..

    when i see the screen failsafe.

    it direct to terminal just like pressing alt2

    but when i tried pressing alt1 alt2 alt3 etc.... gui dosent appear anymore

    can you please help me with this one......

    it is easier for me to use GUI than terminal because i dont know all the commands in linux..

    thank you.....

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    After logged into terminal as root via failstate
    to start you gui interface. Though i never tried startx with suse . This solution works well for other distros.

    In case If your /etc/inittab has an entry like this
    then change it to
    Ps:Make a backup of /etc/inittab file before editing.
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    It ma be that you did a kernel update and you are using a 3rd party 3D acceleration driver like NVIDIA if so you need to reinstall the driver so it hooks into the new Kernel.

    You can use a generic 2D driver to temporarily get a desk top until you can reinstall by logging on as root. Then

    init 3
    to be sure you shutdown all X related process
    edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (to use joe editor joe /etc/X11/xorg.conf)
    change the line
    driver "somedriver" where somedriver is the name of the 3D driver
    driver "vesa"

    init 5
    to start the GUI

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    Thumbs up Thank s guys>..


    for your help i just change init3 form init 5 and already work

    thanks so much.....

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