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    Question How to install MultiGet-1.1.2-linux.tar.gz on Suse Linux 9.3

    I heard about MultiGet-1.1.2-linux.tar.gz on that it is a very good download Manager. So i had downloaded the same from the site. I extract the same using tar command but, it result a 'MultiGet' named executable. Now I am Confuused how to install the software and how to attach it with Mozila Firefox 1.0.1 please help me

    Thanks in advance

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    The best I can tell, this is a straight executable. If you're the only one on your computer that'll be using it, just move it to your home binary directory (~/bin); that way, you'll be able to run it just by typing MultiGet either in a terminal or a shortcut. If you have other user accounts that'll want access, you should make a directory something like /usr/share/multiget to put the file in (requires root priv) and users will have to link a shortcut/icon to it by full path name to run it.

    Next, make sure the file (wherever it is) has executable privileges. An ls -lh in the executable's directory will let you know... should read something like
    -r-xr-xr-x 3.1M username users MultiGet . If you don't get those x's, you'll need to add them, the easiest is to type chmod 555 MultiGet That should take care of that.

    Integration with FireFox is not directly supported as far as I can tell. You might be able to use something like FlashGot to trap download requests and send them in... this feature was requested but I have no idea if it was ever implemented (I just use KGet, works fine for me most of the time).

    * MultiGet for SuSEwas compiled on SuSE 10.2. It might not run on earlier versions. Just out of curiosity, why are you running such an old Linux and Firefox Version?

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