I am not sure what all info to add, but I seem to have some conflict / timing issues. My system has been dual boot with Suse 10.2 and Win2k. Suse always seemed fine. i could play DVDs and such with no issues that I remember. Windose would also play, usually no problems. If I loaded games that played sound while loading, it would take at least twice as long as it should. The music was always choppy through out the loading/installing. This was with an IDE drive. Halo demo would drag really bad. i have had 3 different DVD player / recorders in attempt to locate the issue.

I put in a sata drive to redo my system, install Suse 11.0 and maybe edge the performance. I installed Windows then Suse so I could dual boot. I ran Unreal in windows and WOW you got to be fast!. The intro movie finishes long before the sound does and the music is still playing way after you quit the game. Movies in the DVD drive are very choppy.

That did not bother me much till I saw they played choppy in Linux also. Then I had been wanting to try Mars Project for some time and launched it. It "froze?" with a black square on my screen. I could page around it but did not have a way to kill it. I tried cntr-esc but the process table just strobes. just the information table. Like it is being updated so many times it can never become stable.
glxgears runs along at 11k to 12K in default size 5.5k full screen.

I am not quite sure where to start looking for the conflict / timing issue. Anyone have a thought and or could tell me what system info would help?

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 FX-53 Processor
GeForce 9600 GT
MSI NEO 2 RD480 MB with Crossfire - one vid card

Also, I have a SoundBlaster card in PCI slot instead of using the on-board as i thought that could be an issue.