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    install nvidia driver from source

    Hello everyone! I have a little problem with the nvidia driver. I have opensuse 11.1 with gnome and i have been compiled the last kernel source Everything works fine without the nvidia driver. I downloaded the driver from nvidia site and tried to install but no luck

    I tried in two different modes to install it. The first one to enter: init 3 then run

    sh -q
    with no luck. It tells me:

    If you are using a Linux 2.4 kernel, please make sure
    you either have configured kernel sources matching your
    kernel or the correct set of kernel headers installed
    on your system.
    If you are using a Linux 2.6 kernel, please make sure
    you have configured kernel sources matching your kernel
    installed on your system. If you specified a separate
    output directory using either the "KBUILD_OUTPUT" or
    the "O" KBUILD parameter, make sure to specify this
    directory with the SYSOUT environment variable or with
    the equivalent nvidia-installer command line option.
    Depending on where and how the kernel sources (or the
    kernel headers) were installed, you may need to specify
    their location with the SYSSRC environment variable or
    the equivalent nvidia-installer command line option.
    *** Unable to determine the target kernel version. ***
    make: *** [select_makefile] Error 1
    and the second way:

    sh ./ --extract-only
    then go to NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.12-pkg1/usr/src/nv and

    make module
    and i get the same thing then i try

    make SYSSRC=/usr/src/linux- module
    and the same thing again. Can anybody please help me to install the nvidia driver from source?

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    Why not use YAST to add the nVidia repository and install the driver from there?
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    If i use Yast the only driver is for the kernel I want to make it work for the new kernel that i am using

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    Just a thought,Have you installed the kernel sources ?
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    yes i have installed the kernel source. I have compiled by my self.

    Any ideas how to install the nvidia driver with this kernel?
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    Have you considered using the beta version of the driver?

    Linux Display Driver - x86

    That's just one version. There are several in the pipe on the Nvidia site. The betas usually work with the latest and greatest kernel, but may not be as stable as the official releases.
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    Generally, i go into yast and install gcc, make and kernel-source.
    Download the latest drivers, put them in my root (/) then log into root via console mode. From there i just type sh ./NVIDIA.... etc etc hit enter a bunch of times then im good to go. I had to make a custom xorg though because i run dual 8800GTS's and three 22's.

    Here are the latest drivers from nvidia's site which run all their cards:



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    where is the kernel source located for your running kernel?
    My guess is the nvidia installer is looking for it in expected locations without finding it.
    If you haven't done this, create a symbolic link from the kernel source directory to /usr/src/linux.

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    thank you guys for replying! I finally made it. I have reinstalled the OS (because i have too - not for the nvidia) and i installed the driver that techieMoe said and work now.

    Well there is a note on the nvidia site

    NOTE: The nvidia installer does not work as long as a Xserver is still
          running and the nvidia kernel module is still loaded. Therefore
          please boot into runlevel 3 by specifying "3" as kernel boot
          option or switch to runlevel 3 ("init 3") and unload the kernel
          module ("rmmod nvidia") before running the nvidia installer.
    and i think that was the problem...i forgot to remove the nvidia module that i had installed from Yast on

    Anyway now i have an nvidia card working on kernel

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