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    what media tools to use for DVD dupe

    Hi all,
    Recently installed openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.1.x but having major fits with it. My old 10.1 system being no longer supported and having lots of issues, so decided to jump forward. Maybe I jumped too far. KDE 4.x seems overloaded with "eye-candy" and toys of dubious value but I try to be patient and keep in mind that I'm working with a work-in-progress.
    Not a newbie as have been using SuSE since 8.x versions but not what I would call an expert either. I know how to "compile" a software, but if it goes bad have no idea how to fix it. Usually SuSE stuff works so well, I end up not "learning" as much as I should I guess.

    k3b of course is a staple for a long time and works so beautifully until now.
    I've filed my bugs for kde4-k3b, but I think it may be a while before Sebastian and friends get it working. But before I completely abandon KDE4 (various reasons), I thought I would try alternate means to be able to burn backups of certain DVD's I want to protect. If I can get past this hurdle I may be able to keep working with KDE 4.x
    I've found and used dvdrip to create a set of 9 .vob files in 8 directories, which are the data extracted from a dual-layer DVD. The .vob files will play in KMPlayer.
    But what should I use to recreate a copy of the original dual-layer disc now that I have all these .vob files? YaST sometimes is sometimes pretty "uninformative" when you don't really know what you need to install.
    Thanks all!

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    Do you actually have dual-layer DVD+R's available or are you looking for a DVD shrinking tool?

    There should be plenty available from the Packman repository. Add url to to Yast Software Install Sources:
    Something like k9copy might be useful to you.

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    Thanks D-cat.
    I do indeed have a stack of dual layer DVD+R's. I've used k3b for years and it worked fine before using KDE 3.x versions. I'm a firm believer in "archival copies". I don't typically use any of the discs that I buy. CD's, Movies, whatever. I copy and file the master. I do not "distribute" copies. But it's saved me having to replace discs that I've already purchased on countless occasions.
    It's KDE4 which seems to be the sore spot at this time. It's new... it'll get better...
    But K9copy looks like a good option. Sounds like it'll do what I want and there IS a KDE4 version of it. I'll post back results of tests.

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