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    Unhappy Newbie Help-Acer X193HQ LCD Monitor-input not supported

    Hello All,
    I just purchased an LCD monitor and I have a problem I can not seem to find an answer too. I plug in the monitor and configured it exactly as in the manual and it boots. It shows the boot pae and OpenSUSE signon and then as the desktop comes up it goes to a black screen and says "input not supported". Is there anyway I can configure this monitor or do I just need to take it back..LOL I WANT AN LCD

    Thanks for your help.
    P.S. I am not a programmer so please try to keep it simple. Sometimes I think SUSE is too much for me, ...LOL I refuse to go back to windoze!

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    You used a setting that exceeds the monitor's specs.This happens. When you get the screen going black, press [Ctrl + Alt + F1], this will bring you to a text interface with a login prompt. Log in as user "root" and use the root password (it will not be echoed back).

    When you get your prompt, type init 3 which will unload the X server. Next, type yast which will bring up the configuration menu in text mode. Navigate to Hardware then over to Graphics card and Monitor and press Enter. In the following configuration screen, you'll have options to change your resolution and color depth and stuff. Set one no higher than your monitor can support, then TEST IT! If it comes up okay, you can save the settings. If you get the black screen, wait 30 seconds (touch nothing, even a small mouse movement resets the timer) and you should get your config screen back, try a lower resolution until you get one that works.

    After you save your settings, exit back to the prompt and type init 5 which will restart the X server. If after about 30 seconds, you don't see your graphical login or desktop, type exit, then press [Alt + F7], that should do it.

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