I have PPPoE internet connection. I want to configure in my OpenSUSE 11.1 .

In Windows, I setup these IPs in Local Area Connection :
IP address : 10.20.xx.xx
NetMask : 255.255.xxx.x
Default Gateway :

For creating Dialer :
Username : bxxxxxxxxxxxx
Password : xxxxxxxxx
Service Name : XYZX4

That's what I do on Windows.

I was using RP-PPPOE(tkpppoe) on ubuntu. But it's not working on opensuse 11.1.

(When I connect to net via RP-PPPOE on Opensuse, only firefox is connecting to net, and all other application like pidign, xchat, ktorrent, Yast are not connected to net. And if I reopen Firefox than the net also not works on firefox too. The RP-PPPOE is displaying connected)

Please help me
Thank you