I installed apache2 with yast and started it up with the domain name relik.ath.cx.
Its a domain name I have with dyndns.org and it has always been hard to get running and I dont know how I keep managing to get it to run. I have set up my firewall to allow port 80, 2000, and 2001 and http is allowed. I don't know why apche2 isn't working. It is setup for relik.ath.cx and it says it is starting just fine.
Is there anything other than my router that is causing the problem? because I don't think that is is my routers fault that I cant connect to port 80 on my linux box because I forward port 80 to it and still do not get a connection. Are there any tricks I could use or files I might be able to change to make apache2 a more effective web server and linux a more effective linux server. I have two dns servers with my internet account that arent even being looked and I would like to actually one day get linux to host two domain names with them. anything is helpful other than telling me nothing in a long sorry, you don't understand paraghraph.