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    No print - Low ink warning

    I've have now got my hp officejet 6310 printer installed and configured. SuSe sees the printer and will print a test page. This is the next printer problem.

    When I try to print a document, I get a printer busy message. When I go and check printer status I find that it says that my tri-color cartridge is low. Two things here:
    (1) I'm not getting a low in warning from the printer itself on the readout
    (2) hp printers are notorious for giving low ink warnings long before the print quality degrades (about 100) pages early.

    It there any way to get the SuSe software to ignore the warning (whether it's self generated or it comes from the printer)

    I know this is the problem because I put in a new cartridge and everything printed. I can't afford to install a new ink cartridge every time I get a low ink warning. It would be like throwing away one fourth of the ink in the cartridge. I usually watch my print jobs so I can tell when the quality degrades and then install a new cartridge.

    In windows i can print until there is absolutely no ink left in the cartridge. I just have to press the "ok" button on the printer from time to time.

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    HP's used to have a memory of the last two cartridges that were installed in the printer (of each type). The trick then is to have three cartridges handy. When you install any other two, then return to the first, it shows full ink again. (good for if you refill cartridges)

    I don't know if HP got wise to this and changed it or not, but that's how it used to work. May be worth a try.

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    Low ink message

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try it. I don't refill but do use recycled cartridges from time to time. Also hp has an updated driver this SuSe has not put in the repositories yet. I haven't installed it because i don't know how to load or compile it.


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    You shouldn't have to compile it. HP are usually quite good with their linux support and it should install direct from hp. It should either come as an rpm or as a shell script/executable.
    Open a terminal and type su and then root pwd. now run something like sh ./hp-drivername to run the install.
    If the driver is working, you should be able to configure it from yast>hardware>printer.
    If you are using cups, open a browser and type: localhost:631 for the cups printer admin. It will also allow printer configuration.

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    Thumbs down hp no ink

    it's really about their circuit & it's software with the program itself...
    it's crazy & selfishness...
    so hurry! think wisely... don't waste your money...
    buying many cartridge is just be equal to a new one, so why can't try another brand huh?

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