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Thread: Sled 11.1 issue

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    Thumbs up Sled 11.1 issue

    Hello friends....

    i am new to SLED Linux enterprise desktop...

    i am not able to install some of the utilities in genome like
    1. typing tutor(k touch),
    2. calculator,
    3. MP3 player,VLc for SUSE
    4. wine,crossover

    i am able to find the download files from the net ..but i am not able to recognize the file extensions ...
    if i click it just extracts everything into a folder!! but i cannot run it ...

    i don't know how to get these in to the Computer-Applications-file

    i know to install default available softwares from the install software link through dvd but not downloaded from the net
    please tell me how to install these (applications downloaded from the INTERNET)

    Thanks in Advance...
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    Please use normal fonts. It's kind of obnoxious to read otherwise.

    Installing software in Suse is easiest through YaST.
    YaST/Modules/Software Management - openSUSE

    You can also use a command line tool called zypper.
    Zypper Package Manager OpenSUSE | Wowtutorial

    Linux doesn't use the same model as Windows for installing software - it is almost always done through a package manager.
    Package management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Typically, you wouldn't download anything. Everything above should be available from repositories (though you may have to add some of the community ones). Repositories and Software installation are handled with Yast -> Software. Use "Software Management" to add or remove packages. Use "Software Repositories" to add servers that you can install software from.

    Some handy repos to add for you might be:

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    You can install from downloaded files but then generally you need to compile the package. It is much easier and safer to use Yast in most cases.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    ok ! thanks
    will use regular fonts!

    i got the installation process...thank you

    But still i would want to learn more about Technicals in SLED 11.1 system administration/Desktop administration. can you recommend some down-loadable books/website/info? any suggestions? i am new to Linux & want to explore & enjoy SUSE Linux genome ! i have only suse for dummies.

    Thank you..

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    SLED11 has mp3 support. Check that gst-fluendo-mp3 is installed.
    For other restricted formats:
    You need to add the following repos in yast>software>repo:

    Oss: Index of /distribution/11.0/repo/oss (11.1 is also OK)
    Packman: Index of /pub/packman/suse/11.0
    Videolan VLC: Index of /pub/vlc/SuSE/11.0/

    Now install libdvdcss from the vlc repo and then disable it.
    Go through the following list from packman and install them:
    libdvdread4 (from sled install disk)

    Since sled uses gnome, you need to add gstreamer from Packman (accept the warning) as well as the following gstreamer plugins:
    plugins good
    plugins bad
    plugins ugly
    fluendo mpegmux
    fluendo mpegdemux

    If you want to use k3b and vlc, add these from packman as well.

    For wine, install from:

    For crossover, you need to get it from crossover directly. (It's a commecial offering)

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    I forgot to say, once you have installed vlc, etc, disable the opensuse repo.

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    Thank You all

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    Thumbs up os q'n

    i want to use both fedora genome & sled genome. i haven't tried installing both in a single system.

    can i install both ? should i install Fedora 1st or Sled? How?

    thank u

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