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    Dual Monitors on Suse 11.2 Int 4:3 Ext 16:9

    Has anyone been able to setup dual monitors with the following setup:

    OpenSuse 11.2
    Intel 945 Integrated Graphics.
    Laptop LCD Display at 1024x768.
    Ext LCD Display at 1920x1080.
    With or without 3D acceleration.
    Spanned Desktop

    I can get 2048x1024 virtual to work spanned but I am losing a LOT of screen realestate on my 24" display by not running full 1920x1080 ont the external display.

    I am also able to get 1920x1080 on my ext display but the internal display is cloned at this res and I can only see the top left corner on the internal display.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I don't have experience with Intel hardware, but have a look at this thread and see if helps:

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    Thanks, but Been there, done that, no dice!

    I had already seen that one. I think the reason it worked for this user is his displays have a common x resolution of 1280. This allows him to align vertically and do a virtual of 1280x1824.

    My displays only have a MAX common Y resolution of 768 which means losing a ton of real estate on my 24" HD display.

    Would be nice if I could do like in, dare I mention Windows, on the same laptop and run 1024x768 internally and when the external is attached also run it at 1920x1080.


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    I'm hearing you It seems to be a limitation with X-sever and desktop interaction as much as anything else.

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