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    SUSE 9: Cant ping machines on local LAN by host name

    I did autoinstallation of SuSe 9 using autoyast and its XML profile. After installation, I can't ping machines on local LAN by their hostnames whereas they can be pinged using their IPs. I can ping by hostname and IP i.e. I can access internet without any trouble.
    Also, I can ping the SuSe machine from other Windows or Linux machines on LAN using its IP.

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated!
    thanks a lot...

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Are you running a DNS server? You would have to have your hostnames registered with your DNS server so that the names can be resolved. Some routers provide this functionality but not all.

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    Yes there is a DNS server running on my local network. I did the same type of installation with SuSe 10 and it worked fine without any registrations etc.

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    I got the root cause but not the correct solution... "/etc/resolv.conf" isnt getting modified by dhcpd service, it doesnt contain 'nameserver' and 'search' entries.

    Any solutions??

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    You might want to have a look in YaST.

    Go to Yast > Network Settings > Hostname/DNS and see if you are setup to automatically update resolv.conf.

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    As I said earlier, I am doing an auto-install. I am preparing my XML profile using autoyast. Its networking section looks like this=>

    <dhcp_hostname config:type="boolean">true</dhcp_hostname>
    <dhcp_resolv config:type="boolean">true</dhcp_resolv>
    <interfaces config:type="list">
    <modules config:type="list">
    <ip_forward config:type="boolean">false</ip_forward>

    As you can see, I have set <dhcp_hostname> and <dhcp_resolv > fields as "true". '' is a dummy domain name.
    Now, where I am going wrong??

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    another update...

    When I delete my old /etc/resolv.conf and restart dhcpcd daemon, then it does not recreate resolv.conf on the machine on which I carry autoinstall. But on the machine which I set up manually, resolv.conf is recreated if I restart dhcpcd.

    Any probable reasons??

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    I found the option in Yast where the entry 'modify_resolv_conf' in /etc/sysconfig/network/config is set to YES.

    This fixed the issue...

    Thanks a lot BigTomRodney for your help!!

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