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    virtual desktop applications problem


    I am enjoying the switch to linux. i have been able to get through things with the help of google so far, but now I am having a problem with my virtual desktops and havent found the answer on my own.

    When i run an app on one virtual desktop it is present on all virtual desktops and I cannot get it to appear on one virtual desktop only. I have tried using the context menu, to desktop, but it doesnt matter which desktops i select or deselect, the apps are always on all virtual desktops.

    I thought the purpose of virtual desktops was to group applications. I want to have my word processing and spreadsheats on one desktop only and my audio encoding apps running on another desktop only. Am i missing something?

    i've read that some people are surprised to see their apps "disappear" when they switch desktops. I am having the opposite problem.

    This is a new install of suse 11.2

    ps just to be clear, I am talking about virtual desktops and not about activities(my activities are set up and working fine, and not linked to my virtual desktops)

    thank you mucho,


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    Select the cashew at the top right and select configure plasma and check different activity for each desktop box.

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    thank you for your help.

    that was not the answer to my problem. but helped me find the answer. Setting a different activity for each desktop links activities to virtual desktops and allows switching activities with the pager, which is nice. However, the taskbar was still showing apps from all desktops, I finally realized the task manager was the problem and googled again to find the answer in this post:]KDE 4.1 Task Bar & Desktop Applications - Mine the Harvest[/url]

    -right click on task manager and change task manager settings to only show tasks from the current taskbar.

    seems completly counterintuive, but I can finally get some work done!!

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    Well, you didn't change anything on your desktops.
    (No need to call them virtual, because they are really real!).
    You only changed what you see in the statusbar.
    They all keep running in whatever desktop you have opened them, and whatever desktop you have selected.
    You can see that if you open the applications in a half window in a given desktop.
    But if you maximize the window it wil fill the whole screen.

    But maybe the whole thing is for you more overseeable this way.
    Anyway, it is nice to have 4, 10, or so many desktops as you want.
    Windows people gets confused since they are used to only one.

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