I am doing SuSe 10 ( release version without service pack ) autoinstallation and getting error as Error13 : Invalid or unsupported executable format

The 'linux' and 'initrd' files are present there at the location '/boot/'. The 'grub.conf' and 'menu.lst' files are there at '/boot/grub'.

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Here are the entries in my menu.lst:

default 0
timeout 10
title SUSE
root (hd0,0)

kernel /boot/linux install= <ftp location> autoyast=device://sda1/autoyast.xml insmod=e1000 textmode=1

initrd /boot/initrd

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The bootloader section in the autoyast.xml looks like:

<activate config:type="boolean">true</activate>
<repl_mbr config:type="boolean">true</repl_mbr>
<sections config:type="list"/>

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This whole is working perfectly fine with another version of SuSe 10.