Ive tried the command line suggested by Dynamicduke, with the changes suggested by Prevesio. Absolutely nothing happened. Then i Tried the /dhcp command(2. suggestion by previsio) And i get an access denied response. I am locked in as su, so i am kind of confused by this. I will try to shut down my browser for 2. attempt.

will check up upon this page regularly for your replies.

Okay. It broke down again. Tryed the dhcpcd eth1 command, it replies that it is all ready running. I then changed my FW settings to auto, and changed dhcp settings to dhcp + zeroconf and back to only dhcp. then it worked fine.
There at to aspects in this problem. 2: dhcp doesn't call for ip adress. 1: Network looses ip adress.

Why doesn't dhcp call for ip?