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Thread: login incorrect

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    login incorrect


    I have just bought a PC with SUSE 10.1-0. The first time I started the PC an installation menu appeared. I didn't define a user name, thinking that it should log in automatically (as in Windows occurs), but now I can't go farther from the Welcome screen, due to the system is asking me de user and password, but I didn't introduce nothing!!! Leaving username and password in blank didn't solve the matter.

    I can see the admin screen (pressing F10) but I am not able to find any user to log (logically) and I can't include new users from there.

    I have also tried to install Windows XP modifying the BIOS but the system returns a message (once in the WinXP installation program) about an error called 4096, about the file \i386\halaacpi.dll, which is unable to find (something about the HAL), so I am afraid that my (new) RAM memory is damaged.

    What could I do? The system is for an old person, so I would like to install finally WinXP and delete Suse.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    If you have access to the root account, you create a new user and password for that user with the adduser command from the command line.

    If you don't know the root password, you can reset it by checking this HowTo:

    There are several ways to do this presented there, so if one method doesn't work, try another. Note that instructions for changing a user password are also provided there.

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    As a quick check, try logging in as root with a blank password when you get the login screen.
    You can then go to yast and set the users and passwords.
    If this doesn't work, use ozar's links.

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    Ok you need a user name and password but you can set it up to auto-login. If this is a new machine then it is asking you to create the first user. If it is a used one some one may have allready created the users and added the passwords. That can be a problem. Linux requites you set up at minimum 2 users root and regular user. root is the administrator. and you must know the root password to install software and other administrative jobs.

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