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    Popping sound on opensuse 11.1 when on battery power only

    Summary of my problem:

    • loud popping sound approx. 11 secs after switching to battery power
    • if audio hasnt been used for awhile (11 secs probably?) it will pop when audio is started (like movie, alert etc etc)

    It appears to be a power saving problem. And is not occurring for me on other distros, and only started happening recently on OpenSuSE...

    I found the exact same problem on the OpenSuSE forums dated 2008 (see: ) but no solution as of yet.

    *** and by loud popping sound imagine one of those 'black cat' snappers you throw on the ground and they pop, it sounds almost identical

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    i have the same problem. mine sounds more like a squeaky swing. occurs at random times, i never go on battery power. if you find a solution let me know.

    but i've had other problems in the past, like the x11 zap which royally bites when you want to reset X, but is easily fixable. another time I kept hearing a weird noise and it turned out that pidgin was notifying me a user came online or offline, again just a matter of disabling that notification.

    the problem i believe is how the system handles sounds, some sound files come across well. others do not they sound like a garbage can full of rocks being rolled down the street.
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