Yes i need some help on to get mod_suphp installed on my SUSE 10.1 server
/apache and Plesk 9.3

As the permissions aren't working for me as ftp is the only way to do it but dont' want to do that.. Need the suphp installed and not sure where to start..

i have read this but little confussed if this is the right way or not - i don't want to break my server..

joealdeguer. com /technology-projects/34-web-hosting/70-using-suphp-on-my-web-server-to-run-joomla.html

Remove the spaces

I'm lost around the 2nd method.. plus do i need to install the other stuff he is talking about ie
Packages to install:

run apt-get update

And other stuff like that.. all i want is the suPHP..

Again thanks