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Thread: X Server

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    Post X Server

    I am trying to to communicate from local host (Linux suse11.2) to remot server (solaria) X server through following steps:
    1. telnet remotehostIP
    2. setenv DISPLAY localhostip:0.0

    after running an application such as xclock, the terminal dose not show anything, it looks like that the xclock application is running but its not displaying on my screen.

    I also tried xhost + remotehostIP then ssh -X loginremotehost but didn't solve the issue.

    Please let me know any suggestion.

    Thanks alot...

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    xclock is a Xwindow application you are running a terminal.

    If you want to run a remote dektop there are several ways. Probably the easiest is VNC.

    VNC HOWTO - openSUSE

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    Maybe you are a bit confused by the phrase X server.

    In a linux box the X server provides the graphical output on your screen.
    And so gives you the GUI interface as KDE for instance.

    To do remote things on remote servers do as gogalthorp suggests.

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    Thank you all for the reply...I have tried the VNC but I am having issues with my VNC passward it not accepting it...was wondering is there other way than vnc to access remote server applications.


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    At the bottom of the page I referenced there is a long list of other methods with links

    Heard good things about this never tried it

    NoMachine NX - Download: NX Server for linux Evaluation
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    Or if using putty you have to enable the "X11 forwarding" or any other terminal.

    Xming (GPL) is also a nice VNC like application.

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