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    Question about drive mounting, 'My Computer' page


    I added a second internal hard drive (/dev/sdb1) to a SuSE Linux system. I chose /home/users/STORAGE as a mount point. If I navigate to /home/users/ and right-click on the STORAGE directory and choose properties, I can see the amount of free space in the sdb1 partition of the second hard drive. Everything looks as I expected it to.

    However, if I choose the 'My Computer' option, click on home from there, which is where /dev/sda1 is mounted) and then navigate to STORAGE, the address bar in Konquerer looks something like this:


    I might not have the format completely right but I do know that sda1 is listed at the beginning of the address. Yet if I copy files into this directory they end up in sdb1. Are there any issues with accessing the directory this way? When I right-click on STORAGE after navigating to /users/ through the My Computer page, the space used/available does not reflect the sdb1 partition.

    A second question I have:

    On the My Computer page each mount location is shown in the top-right corner. The name of the new internal hard drive I added is displayed as "1TB media." That name is also a link to the mount point. How can I change this to something else?

    I would avoid using the My Computer page all together but there are many other people using this system and most of them know no other way to access the directories.



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    1) no problem different path to the same point.

    2) I don't think you can rename it (at least not easily). Why not just give the other users a link on the desktop to your new folder. That you can name what ever you like.

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    Good to know about #1.

    Re: #2, there are uncontrolled documents, screencaps, etc. that has been circulated with step-by-step instruction using the My Computer page. Even if the links were on the desktop there are some who would likely lose time over them.

    Since #1 is okay it shouldn't matter. Thanks!

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