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    Encrypted Root File System on LVM


    I try to encrypt root file system on Opensuse 11.1 and I have found up to two possibilities.

    1. h**p:// - Encrypted Root File System - openSUSE
    2. h**p:// - openSUSE Lizards encrypted root file system on LVM

    In the first case, i have a Problem with entering password, for each partition on encrypted disk, i must enter my password.(For 3 partition 3 times)

    And in the second version to get i nowhere.

    # dev/sda1 for /boot
    # /dev/mapper/system-swap for swap
    # /dev/mapper/system-root for /
    # /dev/mapper/system-usr for /usr
    After I have done everything, I can not get this partition, but I get

    # /dev/mapper/swap
    # /dev/mapper/root
    # /dev/mapper/usr
    and if I still continue to do, goes mkinitrd not. Can someone give me help?

    PS: I asked the question last week in the two German forums, but until now I have got no reply if I get an answer I keep lead.

    Thank you,

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    Normally, if you use an encrypted file or partition you need a password to mount it.
    So while making an encrypted file or partition you need to make that password.
    After creating that encrypted file or partition you can mount it with that password.
    So this is not the user or root password.
    This applies not only to linux but also other OS.

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    The problem in the first case that I must be enter the password three times in succession, even though the same password. So I try with the second.

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    That's quite normal I would say.
    Everytime you mount an encrypted file or partition, you must enter a password.
    Even if you use the same password.
    Mounting without a password is not possible.
    This is inherent to encryption.

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    yep, I know, but at each start 3 times enter password annoying, so I try with LVM, there comes only once.

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    Just wonder why you encrypt the the root partition? Generally you need only to protect the data and data should be on its own partition like the home partition or special data partition. Encrypting program files seem a bit much. Also to me encrypting swap is a bit paranoid unless you are dealing with state secrets....maybe. With enough memory you never use swap anyway.

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