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    Problem of working with ADSL Router (Ping,Kinternet)


    recently I have installed a suse 10 sp2 on my computer. I have a big problem about connecting to my ADSL Router.
    The problem is that I can't ping the router at all and the Kinternet log is prompted that

    status is: disconnected
    trying to connect to smpppd
    connect to smpppd
    Status is: disconnected
    error: cannot read real interface for eth-bus-pci-0000:04:00.0

    I can easily open the web page of my router with windows OS but in the suse I can not do that with firefox.

    Please Help me about that.

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    What have you done to setup your network card.

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    I followed a procedure that I get from a company to work with their NMS software. As bellow:

    Step Action
    1 Login as root user and open Yast.
    2 Navigate to Network Devices > Network Services (xinetd).
    3 Check the Enable option box.
    4 In the Server column, locate /usr/sbin/vsftpd and click the Toggle Status (On or Off) button and then click continue in the prompt screen that appears.
    5 Click the Status for All Services > Activate All Services button.
    6 Click Finish.
    7 Open the Gnome Terminal.
    8 Edit the /etc/ftpusers file and comment: (vi ftpusers) #root
    Exit the vi editor (:wq!)
    9 Edit the /etc/vsftpd.conf file and uncomment: (vi vsftpd.conf) General Settings>Write_Enable=yes Local FTPUse Settings>Local enable=yes
    10 Edit the /etc/vsftpd.conf file comment: (vi vsftpd.conf) listen=yes
    Exit the vi editor (:wq!)
    11 Change the name of the securetty file (/etc) mv securetty securetty.back


    10 Login as root user open Yast and navigate to Network Devices > Network Card.
    11 Select the Traditional Method with ifup option box. Click Next or press enter.
    12 Click Edit.
    13 In the screen that appears select the Static Address Setup option box.
    14 In the IP Address field enter the IP Address you want to assign to the server.
    15 Click the Routing button and enter the default gateway and click OK.
    16 Click Next and then click Finish to finish the procedure.

    The IP Address of the Router is and I set my NIC

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    I have found the problem. The problem is for my onboard LAN. I replaced it with TP-LINK TF-3239D and the problem solved. But I have a new problem. I have theInternet with Kinternet with no problem. But I can not open the webpage management of the ADSL Router with Firefox. How can I do for it? Pinginig of the ADSL Router ( is successfull.

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    Is this your router or one supplied by the ISP? Some ISPs lock the router so you can't get into it.

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    Sorry chap, but I dont get it really.

    You say you ping the router on its IP which is, and is successful.
    But you also say it is ??
    Indeed, most routers have a fixed IP of
    Although it should be possible to change that.
    Also most routers have a pre-installed range of IP-addresses allowed.

    So to setup the network card (also internal) you have to set the IP within that range.
    And set the gateway to the IP of the router, so
    This should always work.

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    Sorry, for bad description

    This is my own ADSL Router and I dont have any problem with windows.

    I have test it with two ADSL Router one is and the other is

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