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    how to Back up from linux to windows server

    Hey guys.

    I need to back up certian files and folder on our linux server to our windows server ?

    do you have any help or ideas I can use ?

    I am quite new to the whole linux thing ?

    Thanx in advance ?

    De Waal

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    It depends on the scope.

    1) You intend to add this linux box as a client to a existing backup system on windows.
    Then it depends on the windows backup system, and whether or not it has and supports a linux client, that understands posix.

    2) You intend to create some homebrew backup.
    2a) You do not care about posix users/permissions
    Then you can setup a CIFShare or use winscp, etc

    2b) You do care about posix users/permissions
    You need to create a container like tar.gz on linux side and copy that over to windows
    "copy over" can be via a CIFShare on the windows box
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    We need it to automatically backup on the windows side, because we supply the Linux Server but the client needs to be responsible for a windows server they provide to us for the backing up the files. we do the backing up of the mysql database automatically every day, week , every month.

    permissions and user names is a huge thing for us ?


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    So you are *only* interested in mysql dumps?
    If yes, then posix filesystem permissions are not an issue.

    I would suggest to create the db dumps with the tools on the linux server.
    That ensures same version, features, etc.

    There are several pre-made scripts available, but it is not too hard to write an own one.
    - Write a script, that dumps the DBs you are interested in -with the options you need- to a temporary directory with a timestamp in the filename.
    - If succesfull, move the dump to a target directory.
    - Delete all db dumps older than X days. X = number of dumps you want to have locally.

    Backup that target directory.
    How to do that depends on the setup of that windows box.
    Does it run a backup software?
    - Then install the backup client on the linux box and configure the backup system to include the target dir
    - If not, then open a CIFS and extend the dump script above to additionally copy the dump to the CIFS mountpoint
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    No the mysql dumps are sorted ?

    I need to back up the voice recording (.wav files) and E-Filling ( that can be anything from jpg to pdf's )

    we need to do this so that the cust can't hold us responsible if our server get stolen from their properties ?

    we just need to supply away to autamatically back up those folders on to one of their windows servers ?

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    Ok, for regular file backup, the best way is to use a well known and established backup software.

    As the files shall be stored on the windows side, it makes sense to have that backup software there.
    The backup server would then pull the data via its backup client.

    Does the windows server have a backup software installed?

    The other way -pushing files to windows- is also possible,
    but leaves more work and responsibilty on your (linux) side.
    And as far as I understand your case, this is not what you want.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    what software do you recommend ?

    every client wil have something different ?

    so if I have to buy any software its not a problem ?

    that software I will have to install at every site

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    Step 1) Mount Windows share on Linux system
    Step 2) Copy files to Windows share
    Step 3) Unmount Windows share

    Is this more complicated than three steps?

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    Okey les try not to be rude here ?

    It needs to be automatic ? we don't have access to those site to do it manually everyday ?

    I do apologise if this is frustrating , but like I said I am new to the whole Linux thing

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    HROAdmin26: If you want a backup, and not just copy over the filecontent, then yes
    - File catalog to look what was backuped and when
    - Backup job and backup media retention
    - Keeping the posix users/permissions on a windows box
    - Statistics
    - etc

    I am unsure about the setup, as "clients" and "site" was mentioned.
    So maybe some enterprise software like ibm tsm or symantec netbackup is appropiate
    or maybe a simple CIFS + cron + tar will do.
    For me, bacula can do all backup related tasks, but the server part does not run on windows.

    More or less a question to dewaal.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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