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Thread: netstat output

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    netstat output


    This might be more of a networking or security question, but I would like to know if this is normal output for dhclient? It looks as if port 35248 is accesible from the network, correct? If so is that anything to be concerned about? Running opensuse 11.4

    udp 0 0* 1852/dhclient6
    udp 0 0 :::1038 :::* 1852/dhclient6
    udp 0 0 :::546 :::* 1852/dhclient6

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    That is odd...on my system (Fedora though, not SUSE) with dhclient running i only see port 546 listening (which is in accordance with /etc/services). According to IANA ( the port you mention is unassigned. I'd certainly be curious...

    If there is a /sbin/dhclient-script file on your system, check that out.

    If you're really concerned, kill dhclient and run it as a foreground process and see what it is doing:
    dhclient -d ethN

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