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    Exclamation Please Help To Uninstall

    Ok.. lol first off let me start by saying that I am a complete idiot and I do not know what I was thinking... my only pitiful defence is that it was 3am I was tired after a long day and instead of going to sleep like a normal person, I thought i would try to do something I knew nothing about....

    I have windows 7... and I have always been curious about Linux systems although I know nothing about them. So I downloaded Gnome OpenSuse. I was planning to install it onto an external hard drive so that I could test and play with it, without it affecting my original OS on the Internal HD.

    So I installed it all and selected the External HD as the partician to use.

    It installed and i had a play with it.... not long, just to see the layout etc and thought I would have a proper look in the morning. But first I wanted to double check that Windows was Ok.

    Restarted the computer from Gnome and instead of booting windows or going to the bios screen were i could choose and OS to load it went to a splash or boot screen from Linux. It gave me the choice whether to open;

    OpenSuse (the actual option is longer than this but i can't remember the full name)
    Windows 1
    Windows 2
    OpenSuse (Fail Safe)

    Well if i select the first option it obviously takes me to gnome, second option takes me to my normal windows (yay), third option comes up with a bootmgr error, havent selected floppy... don't even have a floppy drive and the fail safe suse seems to be a bios for gnome...

    But this boot menu only appears if i have the external hard drive connected to the laptop... if the external hard drive is not connected then the computer will not boot anything... it comes up with a boot error... dont remember the whole message but it ends in error 21 or error 51...

    I know that windows is still there and unaffected because im using it now to write this post.. im just looking for a way to uninstall gnome to get the normal windows boot back up..

    And then i will actually do the smart thing and read one of the guides on here to install linux along side windows lol

    Please please help


    Once again.. yes i know that i am stupid lol

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    What happened is that you installed Opensuse to the external drive and installed its bootloader to the master boot record of the internal drive. If you have a windows 7 installation disk, boot it and select the repair option. You should be able to repair the master boot record from the windows install CD/DVD.

    If you don't have one, go to the neosmart site or google EasyBCD and download it to windows and use it to repair your master boot record. Do read the documentation before doing anything.

    Once you have done this, you could install the Opensuse Grub bootloader to the mbr of the external disk and have what you want.

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    thank you the easybcd worked brilliantly.

    Windows now loads up just as it used to.

    Can no longer boot the linux from the externalhard drive but thats ok i will read a few of the guides on here and do it again but properly this time

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    Can no longer boot the linux from the externalhard drive
    That's to be expected. Windows doesn't detect other (at least Linux) operating systems, maybe by design I don't know.

    It's a simple matter to install Grub to the master boot record of your external drive so that when you set it to first boot priority, you can boot opensuse. You can easily put entries in the Opensuse for windows also if you wish so you don't have to go to the BIOS to select that drive. You should also be able to use EasyBCD to put an entry in the windows boot menu for Opensuse. I'd suggest going to the neosmart site and reading a little of their documentation.

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