I have a location that if the PC is rebooted evolution has to be setup from scratch again. I checked and the .evolution folder is in the users home and all db's, etc are there. I backed up the .evolution folder and moved it to /var/tmp (so there was no .evolution directory in the users home folder any more). Then I launched evolution and re-did the configuration. I checked and the .evolution folder was recreated with no mail boxes.

Then I copied the various mail boxes (inbox, sent, spam, etc) and the addressbook from the moved old folder in /var/tmp back to the new .evolution/mail/local folder. I opened evolution and all of the users address and mail was restored. I reboot the pc and again as soon as I launch evolution it gives me the Evolution Setup Assistant.

Any idea? there must be a file somewhere that is outside of the .evolution folder that tells evolution that setup has been completed and stores the information and this file is corrupted.