There are several posts about this (I'v seen them all I think) but no progress.

I'm working on a SLES V11 with no access to the machine, so the Install Images on CD is no option (it's a VM actually..)

I need a cc, I can see gcc in YaST2 v4.3.3, seems installed (I can list files in SWMangement..I assume red "Installed(Available)" is OK )

Files: (find | -name gcc)
/usr/lib/gcc/i586-suse-linux/4.3/ has a 7Mb called cc1 and a gccdump.s
/usr/bin has nothing gcc related, hence gcc command is not recognised I, $PATH is ok

I tried to find my way into .rpm material form web repositories, using install & just answered the missing .rpms warnings by installing one by one but that was not getting it working after all that was done.

Something missing.. but don't know what. Happy to start from scratch..

All help welcome!