Can someone tell me the command line commands for doing the following (see below)? Basically I am trying to install Port Sentry from the command line of my SuSe Linux OS. The following is from the README instructions for Port Sentry. I downloaded the tarball, uncompressed the files, extracted them. I have already opened the portsentry.conf and portsentry_config.h in vi and edited them, so I'm not a total dummy. Now I need to compile...:

From the README instructions for port sentry:

Compile. Type make and pick your system type and allow it to build and install.
The default directory is /usr/local/psionic/portsentry. If you don't like this directory just edit the Makefile and make sure your portsentry.conf and portsentry_config.h files reflect the new path.

Type make install after the build to have it copy files to your install directory.

Thanks in advance!