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    OpenSuse 11.4, Shorewall and SuseFirewall

    Hey guys,

    Im hoping someone can help me urgently. My linux knowledge is rather limited so bear with me!

    I have a requirement to develop a web based firewall interface for Shorewall - the front end for this was given to me and is already complete.

    The problem I am now facing is that I cannot install Shorewall on openSuse 11.4 as SuSEfirewall2 is causing a conflict when i try rpm shorewall6-

    "error: Failed dependencies:
    SuSEfirewall2 conflicts with shorewall6-

    How do I get around this so that I can install Shorewall and not use Susefirewall?

    I realise this is probably something simple but as I said above Im no Linux guru.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Can't you just remove the Suse firewall? Use Yast (graphical front-end package manager), or rpm from the command line (e.g. rpm -e SuSEfirewall2)

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    Thanks for the help. In the end I disabled suse firewall in yast and installed shorewall with rpm --nodeps and that seemed to do the trick.
    But i will try rpm -e SuSEfirewall2 as that seems to be the better route.

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