we have working IPSec tunnel from our network to IBM Cloud network Each of this network is behind firewall with public IP. Our firewall is Linux IPFire. IBM side is Cisco. Connection between those local networks works fine.
We have also OpenVPN clients notebooks connecting to our local network with IP They can access our local network.
What we are missing is connection between OpenVPN clients and IBM network
Also, we have to access internet from IBM through our firewall (through IPSec). Default getaway of IBM network is, which direct all packages to IPSec tunnel.
IPfire web interface does not allow this connections and it is quite a task to go through the rules generated by this web interface. I decided to reinstall firewall and use Suse.
Can somebody point me in right direction regarding forwarding packets to IPSec tunnel? Do I have to use pre-rutting SNAT, so that packages not originating in have changed source IP to firewall's IP
Thanks for help.