Hi everyone, I need some help to do something I used to know how to do but have forgotten.
I recently installed open suse on my second hard drive that also has Win8dev on it. I made sure that Grub went onto the / partition because I want to use a bootloader on my main hard drive that has osx, win7 and Ubuntu on it. Now when I installed open suse I unplugged my first hard drive just in case (as has happened to me several times) suse messes up the boot info on that drive.
Now when I use my bootloader (Chimera) to boot open suse Grub asks me to input boot options because it can't see root on hd(0,2) because it is now on hd(1,2).
I have dealt with this before, I have to type a boot option in to boot into open suse and then edit Grub to reflect the new hd number but I can't remember how I have done it in the past.
If anyone can jog my memory ( I'm getting on a bit now) I would be most grateful.